Get a FREE Unwither Ring – FarmVille Informer!

Get a FREE Unwither Ring - FarmVilleInformer!

Get a FREE Unwither Ring - FarmVilleInformer!

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Hey Farmers, now the the Unwither Ring is back, we thought it would be nice to do some giveaways! We want to giveaway 5+ Rings to all of you dedicated readers. So here’s how to win, simple go here ( and just “LIKE” Our Fan Page. For every 400 Fans we get, 1 ring will be given out. The winners can also choose how they want to design the ring. So we anticipate 5000+ Fan page members. Right now we are about 2100, so this is where we start from. Just go on the page, click on suggest to friends, select your friends and send! Its’ as simple as that, once we reach reach landmark, there will be a page update where you get a chance to win a ring! Good luck to you all!

  • Claire Fearn

    Thanks for keeping us 1 step ahead of the game! :)

    • Lola Sanchez

      This is the best yet never to have to worrie about your crops dieing if you forgot to harvest..
      my number is 77756

  • Patty

    I have always loved the way you keep us up to date on all the things. The Informer is just that and no one has been able to keep up with you that I have found in the whole year I have been playing on Farmville. Thank you for being there for us all.

  • Marci

    Cool, I have been a fan of this site for a while now. The site is very informative.
    Come on Everybody, like the page and join me.. 777

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    I just love this site!! Very Informative and I check it everyday for all my Farmville info. I also post to the newsfeed for all my friends and neighbors to see!! Thanks for all you do. The number I pick is 757.

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    Omg this is one of the best giveaways yet. I love these site and recommend to all my friends!! Thanks guys for your hard work you rock!!!

    • Morgan

      oops never put my number- 3

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    I enjoy being able to keep up on all the new updates on this page Thank you

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    Got this sent to me by email, if i hadn’t i wuoildn’t be able to keep up to date with farmville, so much happens so quickly :)

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    love this site it always has the best and up to date information. thanks for all the hard work you to to keep us up to day. 7999 :)

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    What a great prize! I choose 5,500 for my number. TY :) )

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    i love farmville! im so addicted to playing it! my number is lucky 13

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    I check the site daily,it’s very informative and I always love the competitions it organises.
    I don’t know any other page that’s willing to give unwither rings for example. :)

    My number will be 242.
    (2 is my favourite number and 4 is someone uhm else’s favourite number ♥ )

  • tanya galliher

    i love this site it gets me updated all the time when ever new stuff comes out and when i im looking about up about infor i come here all the time and my number is 868

    • tanya galliher

      i mean i give 1000000

  • anna jolly

    i get aggravated some times but i love playing farmville ,,,i am a farmville fan !!!hoorah~!!!!!

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    Your sight is always up-to-date, so it’s the one I check 1st when I want to know something…You have worked hard to make it successful, and it really shows. Bravo! My number is 10,000, because I am sure you will have at least that many responses, and fans who will get exactly the information they were looking for. Good luck, but of course, you don’t really need it! ~Jena~

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    Thank you so much for your unreleased info! I feel like I am always one step ahead of the gang! My lucky Number is 44 So there you go! Cant wait to get my friends to like your page!

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    Just found this site and what I have found on here was very informing and I will be back to visit again…..Thanks and great job!!!! …….Number 1824

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    I love playing farville, and this site is great and very useful. Thanks for putting it together. :)
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  • michele hedberg

    I love playing farmville, and this site is great and very useful. Thanks for putting it together. :) number 356

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    Thanks for all the info about my favourite game:) 212

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    Great site!! Always keeping me up to date with the latest news =) I share the page all the time b/c it’s got info!! Keep up the great work and look forward to future updates =) 724

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    well i play over a year farmville and never crossed a site like this i love it sadly all the freebies dont apply to me like the free fv cash i am european and cannot enter these promos
    in the past 4months i suffert some major issues playing this game but i still like it am unable to post pics of my farm and am a very good landscaper in farmville wishlist doesnt give me my goods collectables taken from the feed are not the same when i get themout of the giftbox slow loading issues are not new here i am at lvl 96by own hand no nice perky things can be found on my farm
    so in the end ill get were ill have to be its taking me more time but what the heck i love this game and now with you folks ill keep up to date and maybe i have a nice gift for once thx for helping us out here

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    i’m happy to share this site with my farmville frinds…ty

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    Thanks for always keeping me informed!! Love it!!

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    Farmville Informer, Thank you for all the informative, helpful and entertaining information that is consistantly provided. I routinely come to your site at least 3 or 4 times during a Farmville session, looking for help, links or new items that I may have missed. I love the auto-publish feature, as it will invariably bring to my attention something I might have missed. Love this site!

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    I love this site!! I (we), appreciate your quick updates and informative news. When I have issues or problems your support team is very helpful. I have enjoyed gardening and working outside and I still do, but FarmVille has me addicted and I can’t get enough. Thank you…

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    Love this site, Keeps me up to date and WELL informed! Keep up the good work! I pick no. 8642 >=}

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    Thank you for alll the info you keep us up todate on .. ty so much

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    I love, love, love this site! You always give us the 411 and with graphics to boot. Keep it up farmvilleinformer. It is much appreciated! #366

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    This site is awesome! It was because of this site and the mystery game section that i was able to get a mini stallion a few months back. If i am looking for information, this is the first place i am going. :) I pick number 8285

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  • aruj nahar

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  • Tess Cavallaro Jones

    I love this site, it keeps me informed about all the new changes and new items in the market and the new items to come. It allows me time to work hard and save my FV cash and coins so when they are available I can get them and enjoy the game that much more. This game is my “me” time and look forward to it daily. YOU keep me updated on all the new things and changes which prepares me and i’m very appreciative of that. Thank you so much. Be well and thanks again, Tess Cavallaro Jones

  • Tess Cavallaro Jones

    Sorry forgot to pick a number – well today is 11-30-2010 and it’s 130am, add those figures together and it’s 2181 sooooo that’s my number “2181* Thank you this has been fun!
    be well to all of you who are involved in making this available to us~ Tess Cavallaro Jones

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    The least I can do is thank you for all the information! This site is the best about farmville!
    For my change to win a marketplace item I pick number 259, those are the last 3 of my Farmville ID.

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    I enjoy looking on Farmville Informer because it lets me know of all the new items in the marketplace, the up coming new items to look for, contests and new changes that zynga might be making in the future. i find this site pretty accurate when it comes to knowing whats in store on farmville not only in the future but what is happening now!

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    I’ve only recently discovered this page and I love it! It has kept me up to date on all of the new items coming out as well as keeping me informed about anything else going on in the Farmville community. I also like that they let you know when there are sponsor links for free fv cash! ^_^

    My lucky #’s gonna be 6,543

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    What can you say about this site that hasn’t been said 3,659 times. lol Everyone involved in this site is great and the information is constantly acurate in a game that is contantly changing. Thanks for keeping us informed Farmville Informer!!!!!

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    Love you website.More info on it than the others. Fun to see the unreleased items here before Farmville turns them loose.. Number 545.

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